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Complete catalog of Frenay & Lenin releases from 1978 to 1987.

To order, send check or money order (payable to Gary Frenay) to:

Frenay & Lenin
243 Arlington Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13207

Include 2.00 (US$) for postage and handling.

Flashcubes (45 RPM) 1978

Christi Girl b/w Guernica & Got No Mind
The Byrds-ish "Christi Girl" appeared on Greg Shaw's BOMP Sampler LP, WAVES - Vol 1 (which also featured 20/20, The Beat, and The Romantics) and on the Rhino D.I.Y. CD, COME OUT AND PLAY, American Pop, Vol 1 (which also featured Cheap Trick, The Shoes and Dwight Twilley). "Guernica" is characterized by Who-styled slashing guitars, and Picasso-inspired lyrics, while "Got No Mind" is a zesty Ramones styled rocker. A classic!
(Northside Records - NS 701)


Flashcubes (45 RPM) 1979

Wait Til Next Week b/w Radio
"Wait Til Next Week" is Eddie Cochran on hold. Rockin' guitar and three-part harmonies. "Radio" is "Pop Manifesto" set to music; "Let me be your radio!" Any musical references to The Beatles and The Who are completely intentional.
(Northside Records - NS 702)

8.00 (US$)

Screen Test (33 1/3 RPM, 7" EP) 1981

Inspired Humans Making Noise
A four-song EP from three of the original Flashcubes. Styles range from power pop to dance club rock 'n' roll and features three-part harmonies. Includes Gary Frenay's "Anytime" and "I Am Sincere", and Arty Lenin's "There's No Place Like Work" and "Nothing Really Matters When Your Young".
(Northside Records - NS 705)


Screen Test (45 RPM) 1982

Suellen b/w Girl's Brand New
"Suellen" is a heartbreaking danceable rocker about a childhood sweetheart, while "Girl's Brand New" pounds home it's point that a girl's name change does little to save her reputation. Great Ducky Carlisle production!
(Northside Records - NS 706)

8.00 (US$)

Screen Test (Cassette) 1982

Over The Top
Five-song cassette EP by Syracuse's #1 power pop/dance-rock band! Produced by Britian's Mark Dodson (Bow Wow Wow, Greg Kihn, Iron City Houserockers). Includes their MTV video song, "You Don't Know Me", plus "There's No Place Like Work" , "I Get Restless" (originally a Flashcubes song) and Greg Kihn's "Hurt So Bad".
(Northside Records - CS 201)

7.00 (US$)

Screen Test (Cassette) 1986

12 songs by three of the four original Flashcubes. Gary Frenay, Arty Lenin and Tommy Allen are joined by keyboardist Jim Carney , in the only full-length recording by this versatile quartet. The sound is 80's dance-pop, and the songwriting is top-notch. Tracks include, "I'll Never Forget You", "Waste Of Time", "Make Something Happen", "It's No Secret" and "I Know It's Over".
(Arlington National Records - AR 101)

10.00 (US$)

Screen Test (45 RPM) 1987

I'll Never Forget You b/w I'll Never Forget You (instrumental)
The third and final Screen Test single, distributed only in the Northeast. "I'll Never Forget You" is the title and theme song for a film about the late college basketball great, Len Bias.
(Tartan Records 8703)

8.00 (US$)